segunda-feira, novembro 09, 2009

Provinyl Winner!

Jeremy from Australia send me this picture and emailed this about his favourite vinyl album, and his love for the black wax:

Dear Guuzbourg,

I am holding "Stax-o-trax" an original LP of original Beach Boys instrumental backing tracks to their hits. It came with a booklet of sheet music and lyrics. My daughter learned to sing Surfer Girl at age 3 and won a talent contest.
I am in Australia but last month we travelled to Bruxelles and Paris - bought vinyl at Arlequin in Bruxelles, Paralleles, 'Born Bad' and 'Ecoute ce disque' in Paris.

Jeremy will get a free copy of the Gainsnord-single (featuring tracks by Juicebox and Spinshots). Want one too? Send me a picture, like Jeremy did, with your favourite vinyl-album (or single, or 10inch), plus a little story about that record. And you might win! Guuzbourg(at)gmail(dot)com

quinta-feira, novembro 05, 2009

10/10: More Best Of the Decade lists

Sami from Hot Fidelite blog:

1 PAULINE CROZE "Pauline Croze" (2005)

One of the best debut albums I've heard in ages, so sincere and accomplished she might never outshine this one.
Love the way her voice fits with folk, soul and reggae and her intonations making her songs deeply meaningful.

2 HOLDEN "Pedrolira" (2002)

Because Armelle's voice and Mocke's melodies are as inventive as Uwe Schmidt (Senor Coconut) production.
And because this one includes two of this decade's finest songs, "C'est plus pareil" and the instant classic "Une fraction de seconde".

3 CAMILLE "Le fil" (2005)

Absolutely stunning, breathtaking, mesmerezing.
And a real success here, where audacity isn't often on top of the charts.

4 KATERINE "Robots après tout" (2005)

A late deserved hit too, in a slightly different genre.
With hilarious lyrics and efficient dancing tunes, another kind of french pop.

5 KLUB DES LOOSERS "Vive la vie" (2004)

Probably the best hip hop record of the 00's, one of the most unusual at least.
Very dark mood but not depressing at all, well produced and written, still impressive years after.

6 DANIEL DARC "Crève coeur" (2004)

Former Taxi Girl frontman delivered an incredible redemption record and very emotional gigs too.

7 JULIEN BAER "Notre dame des limites" (2005)

An elegant and groovy hidden gem, his third record remains my favorite.

8 AUTOUR DE LUCIE "Faux mouvements" (2000)

"Je reviens" is definitely the entire career highlight while "Le salon" should have been a hit.
Sadly they didn't find the same inspiration after and leave some regrets.

9 MATHIEU BOOGAERTS "2000" (2002)

He might be one of the most underestimated songwriters ever as shows this flawless record.
Very few singers play with melancholy, tenderness and humour as subtly as him.

10 MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ "Présence humaine" (2000)

Houellebecq writing talent combining surprisingly Burgalat sound science.
An unexpected collaboration highly addictive.

And Lynn aka DJ TROUBLE from WMFU:

1 Bertrand Burgalat - The SSSound of Music
This opened up the decade and perhaps the floodgates of French music to the unsuspecting American continent. He brought his love of soundtracks, 60's ye ye and ballades to a tentative North American audience and they responded with adoratian and devotion.

2 Marianne Dissard - L'entredeux
Everything this woman touches seems to be lovely. The album immediately won me over. The music she makes with Matt Mitchell is also charming, but in a more nostalgic mode.

3 Eglantine Gouzy - Boamaster
A gorgeous blend of avant and a deep dark vocal. A little new wave meets no wave with a good dose of Quaalude, which makes sense as I was introduced to Eglantine through one of those fabulous 4 Woman No Cry compilations put out by Monika records in Berlin.

4 MC Patate - Le Gateau Blaster
You can tell by the sly title that this record is as much poking fun at the rap world as it is swimming in it. This label (Le Vilain Chien) puts out so much crazy falling-apart-at-the-seams music, it is always fabulous and unexpected.

5 Yelle - Pop-up
Perfect summer music, where ever you may be. I never tire of it.

6/7 Colleen - Les Ondes Silencieuses/Les Boites a Musique
Colleen is a former Parisian high school teacher, by the name of Cecile Schott, who makes some of the most gorgeous and vibrant electronica of the decade. I offer two of her releases as better than any other music of the past decade:
Colleen et Les Boites a Musique uses music box samples to construct the gorgeous sounds.
On Les Ondes Silencieuses Colleen plays viola da gamba and classical guitar, both sampled and live.

8 Stereo Total - Do the Bambi
Much of the perfect Stereo Total music was made in the mid 90's but this slides in under the 2000's decade in being a fab return to their cheezy DIY roots. Fun, freaky and off-kilter noodling from my fave Franco-German couple.

9/10 Coralie Clement - Bye Bye Beauté/Toystore
I can't decide between Bye Bye Beaute or Toystore. They are both so interestingly of the times they were produced. I love the rock of Bye Bye and the old cafe sound of Toystore.

Honorary Mention V/A - So Young But So Cold Underground French Music 1977-1983
French new wave informed by a uniquely Gallic approach to cool synthesizers and sexy sirens. This was my beloved introduction to Ruth, Jacno, and Nini Raviolette. The compilation came out in 2004, way ahead of the of the contempo burning hot cold wave re-do that the kids are loving so much now.